“Here’s why I’m freaked out… some local television station in Oklahoma has way better production values than my show… it actually gets better, this is the freakiest commercial I’ve ever seen in my life.”JON STEWART (THE DAILY SHOW)

“Working with Sweat Equity Productions was an easy choice. Not only is their quality of work outstanding and their professionalism impeccable, but our customers and viewers were amazed at the results. I still get calls from customers wanting to know what top-notch Hollywood firm produced our commercials!” - KIM TERRY (METROPOLITAN LIBRARY SYSTEM)

"Brett and I have worked on several projects. He is a perfectionist down to the smallest detail. Brett has a great work ethic and passion for the projects he works on. His vision to create the desirable outcome is unmatched." - BLAISE LABBE (KWTV)


"Exciting and energetic... with a great visual style" -DAN O'BANNON (ALIEN, TOTAL RECALL)

"Knowledge of film technique, post-production and CGI is cutting edge because of all the commercials. Their talents on all levels can be seen in the debut film (Bone Dry)". - TOM HOLLAND (CHILD'S PLAY, FRIGHT NIGHT)

“I predict that this young filmmaker is on his way to achieving well earned stardom.” – GERALD R. MOLEN (SCHINDLER'S LIST, JURASSIC PARK)

“He's only directed one movie so far, 2007's Bone Dry, but it was and is such a great movie that he at least deserves an honorable mention. It's one of the best B-movies I've ever seen." – BRYAN KRISTOPOWITZ - THE 411 TOP 5 BEST DIRECTORS RIGHT NOW